Behind the mask

It all began when first discovering the music of Blackmore's Night. Not knowing this style or genre of music even existed it started the ball rolling for wanting to hear more. Theron, a massage therapist, was already familiar with New Age and music dipping into the Fantasy realm. After discovering BMN, it peaked his curiosity and hunger for more of the same or similar.  He began diving into a whole new world of music and bands from all over the globe. Discovering incredible Folk music in many different styles, Theron has been hooked ever since.  Although SJ's music is nothing like BMN who made them want to make a Folk album to start with, they have created their own sound that is still Folk with influences from many genres. Members of the band Greenrose Faire, a fantastic medieval, Celtic rock band from Finland can be heard on Welcome Autumn and the new album, Gypsies, Pirates and Scarecrows coming out this year. They are a very fun and talented group of musicians. SJ is very honored and proud to have them be part of their musical journey.

Theron Statler

Scarecrow song writer & producer

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Jamie Peck

Scarecrow engineer, Producer & magician musician

Tammy Craig

Scarecrow Lead singer & bgvs

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Denny Fitzpatrick

Arrr! scarecrow vocals & bgvs

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